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Do you award Master Franchises?

We will only award Master Franchises if we are satisfied that you (or your organization) have the resources necessary to develop the BOLMART franchise to its full potential within the territory in question.

What is the difference between the Center Director and the Academic Director ?

The Center Director is responsible for the overall management of the business. This includes the recruitment of non-teaching staff; the pricing and marketing of courses.The Academic Director is responsible for the academic management of the school. This includes overseeing the recruitment of teachers, allocating students to classes, and monitoring the quality of the courses delivered.

Who recruits the Academic Director?

BOLMART will recruit the Academic Director.


Who recruits the Center Director?

The Center Director, who is more likely to be local, will be recruited by the Franchisee – although this appointment is subject to the final approval of BOLMART.


Can I re-brand my existing language training business?

We welcome enquirers from existing language schools which believe our franchise would facilitate the further successful development of their organization.


Does BOLMART provide teachers?

For a fee, we may agree to provide teachers. In some territories, it is more practical to recruit locally.


What is the length of the Agreement?

The agreement length for a single school is 6 years. This is renewable subject to the satisfactory completion of the Franchise Agreement and the payment of a renewal fee.


How much support can I expect?

We expect to provide you with the support you need to establish and run the school successfully. It is in our interest to make sure that your business is established as effectively as possible from the start.

Do I need to have experience of the English Language industry?

If you do not have personal experience of this industry, it will be important to recruit team members who have an appropriate understanding of the quality service sector.


Can I see examples of courseware?

If your application is successful in the first stage, you will be given password-protected access to further information about our franchise package and system. This will include examples of courseware.


Can I see the Franchise Manual?

You will be able to look through selected sections of the Franchise Manual once we are in more detailed discussions. The full Manual will only become available after signature of the Franchise Agreement.

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