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Business English Course

Topics covered over the 60-hour course include the following :


  • Types of business communication, including telephone skills, e- mail skills, text messaging, making and changing appointments, writing presentations.


  • Effective Interaction in meetings, agreeing and disagreeing.


  • The Language of Negotiating.


  • Making Presentations, word building.


  • Talking about products and brands.


  • Talking about the Company and job profile
  1.       Discussing plans
  2.       Strenghts and Weaknesses
  3.       Staff
  4.       Organization and Structure
  5.       Development
  6.       Market Position and Competition


  • Management Styles: Using the right language.


  • Cultural Difference: How culture affects the way we speak, common expressions, social responses.


  • Talking about Money, Finance.


  • Schedules, Plans and Timetables.


  • Talking about national, international and global factors, economies.




Course Duration: 60 hrs – 3 Months – 2:30 hrs/session

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