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Bolmart Certification



What is the Bolmart Certification Program?

Training providers are supposed to implement specific total quality management processes based on the provided broad lines and peak performance process areas.

Bolmart Certification program allows training providers to stamp their certificates to receive special recognition for their training as effective and meeting quality standards.



Who should attempt certification?

The certification credentials are for any training provider seeking to give credibility to their training solutions. Anyone who implement Bolmart performance optimization processes for professional reasons can benefit from the certification by emphasizing their skills and knowledge with an official credit from Bolmart academy.



What credits are Certification exams available for?

Bolmart offers certification exams for Languages courses, Computer and soft skills.



Where is Bolmart Certification available?

Bolmart is available around the world. To find a Bolmart Certification Center and search for a center.



Once granted, does certification last forever?

Bolmart certification validates that the training unit provides knowledge and skills using a specific release (year) of a Bolmart model application.


How do I update my certification from one release to the next?

To issue 120 certificates stamped with Bolmart academy annually as a minimum.



How much does it cost to get my business certified and how do I pay?

Certification costs vary by region. Email US  with your questions



What are the advantages of becoming a certified training provider?

When you earn Bolmart Certification status you earn the right to use the official Bolmart Certified logo in marketing your Training Solutions and programs (on business cards, websites and Résumés) as specified in the logo usage guidelines.

You also have access to your electronic Certificate, and if you choose, you may request your certification results be available in the Certified Users database.

You will need to log in to your profile to view your certification history and access your score reports, certificates, and any associated certification logos.



Who can I contact if I have more questions?

Email US  with your questions about Bolmart Certification Program.



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