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About Bolmart



Bolmart Academy is one of the best and most respected American-owned European Language Chains in the world. A major leader in the Language education industry, Bolmart Academy has always prided itself on its commitment to innovation in education and providing the highest quality Language courses to its students.  Today, Bolmart prides itself on its excellence in course and curriculum development, teacher training, professional approach and the care and support it provides its students.Bolmart English Schools employs compassionate educators and committed staff members that are passionate about education.






The implementation of ‘Total Quality Management’ process areas stated in Bolmart handbook and tracking such processes in an organized well presented form with all that entail on continuous development, creating innovative solutions that answer the needs of the community and contribute to the stability and profit of our franchisees in terms of both brand and profit.



As an output for the previously stated input i.e. ‘TQM’ process areas implementation and monitoring…all supports a remarkable growing attitude towards our franchisees one of CREDIBILITY.



Thrive to survive competition through continuous development of quality and credibility prerequisites and conducting regular performance audits all facilitates the   accessibility to current markets whether through customer loyalty  or activating potential customers as well as invading new markets and retaining the existing ones.



‘To grant your training center the required dynamics to be widely recognized on the map of learning solutions providers for delivering quality training.’



Manage change before it manages you because tomorrow never comes unless you block the blemishes of uncertainty that flock to impede light.

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